Alexander Botwinik on the Yiddish Voice

On November 8, 2017, Alexander Botwinik, Yiddish instructor at the University of Pennsylvania, was featured on "The Yiddish Voice" (Dos Yidishe Kol), Boston's weekly Yiddish-language radio show. The broadcast program is available as a podcast at:


In the interview, Alexander (Sender) Botwinik discusses the recently released CD of Yiddish art songs composed by his father, the Vilna-born Montreal composer David Botwinik. Alexander served as producer and musical director on the CD as well as playing piano on several tracks. The program includes several excerpts from the CD with vocal performances by internationally acclaimed opera singers Lisa Willson, John Packard, and Ian DeNolfo, as well as the late world-renowned tenor Louis Danto.

The CD is titled "From Holocaust to Life", and is a companion to the book of the same name published by the League for Yiddish ( in 2010 containing 56 original musical compositions by David Botwinik, with lyrics by various Yiddish poets. Fifteen of the songs are found on the new CD.

For further information on the book and CD, as well as background information on David and Alexander Botwinik and all the musicians, visit: or