2 New Articles by Simon Richter

In "Weimar Heteroclassicism: Wilhelm von Humboldt, Caroline von Wolzogen, and the Aesthetics of Gender" published in Publications of the English Goethe Society ( Volume 81, Number 3, October 2012). Here, Professor Richter argues that Wilhelm von Humboldt’s two essays on gender published in early issues of Schiller’s Die Horen lay out a ‘heteroclassical’ aesthetics that provides for exuberant literary and cultural participation by women in the project of Weimar Classicism. In Caroline von Wolzogen’s novel Agnes von Lilien we see Humboldt’s heteroclassical aesthetics at work as the heroine of the novel resolutely withstands pressure to renounce the object of her desire, thus instantiating a female mode of aesthetic autonomy.


A New History of German Cinema, ed. by Jennifer Kapczynski and Michael Richardson, (Camden House, 2012), includes an article by Professor Richter on Wilhelm Dieterle and Max Horkheimer, "February 1941: The Devil and Daniel Webster Puts American Politics on Trial."

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