American-Hungarian Philosopher Àgnes Heller to receive the 2019 Nietzsche Prize. The Jury Selected Liliane Weissberg to Present the Laudatio

Àgnes Heller, a prolific political philosopher and former student of Georg Lukàcs, has been elected to receive the prominent 2019 Nietzsche Prize. Heller, who divided her time between Budapest and New York where she had taught as the Hannah Arendt Professor at the New School, was to be honored on October 19, at this year’s International Nietzsche Conference in Naumburg (Saale). The Jury chose Liliane Weissberg to present the laudatio, and speak about Heller’s work and the task of political philosophy today. Sadly and unexpectatedly, Heller passed away on July 19. The prize will now be awarded in Naumburg posthumously, and Weissberg's laudatio will honor Heller's life as well.