Arendt and Varnhagen: An Evening with Liliane Weissberg at the Literaturhaus Munich

The Literaturhaus Munich is currently showing an excellent exhibition about Hannah Arendt, curated by Monika Boll. It had its origin at the German Historical Museum last year. Weissberg served on the advisory board for this exhibition, and contributed to the catalogue (which will appear in a Spanish language version soon). She also published an extensive afterword to the new edition of Arendt’s Rahel Varnhagen (Munich: Piper Verlag).
On Wednesday, March 30, Weissberg presented on Arendt and Varnhagen at the Literaturhaus in Munich. She was also in conversation with author publicist Marie Luise Knott, and passages from Varnhagen’s letters and Arendt’s book were read by Resident theater actress Sybille Canonica. The event was held in person and on zoom: