documenta! In 1955, the international art exhibition was founded in Kassel, Germany

Ten years after the end of WWII, and after years of Nazi rule that dictated art production, an international exhibition of contemporary art was organized in Kassel, Germany. The town itself—largely destroyed in WWII, and located near the new border to Eastern Germany—exemplified Germany’s recent past history and the wish for a new beginning. Every five years from 1955 on, the documenta would continue show case international artists and avant-garde art, and establish itself as the most important international art show in the world. On October 15, 2019, the German Historical Museum (DHM) in Berlin will feature a day-long public symposium on the documenta and its place in the art world and German history; an exhibition on the documenta at the DHM that is currently in preparation. Liliane Weissberg will join an international group of artists, art critics, historians, and museum professionals at this event.