Inside the Archives

Graduate students in the Inside the Archive course use a backlight to examine images from the Louis Kahn Collection at a visit to the Architectural Archives on March 22. During a visit, students learned about how the collection came to Penn, as well as how it’s managed and maintained.

Inside the Archives

Through a new course created and taught by Liliane Weissberg of the School of Arts and Sciences, graduate students learn the ins and outs of working with an archive, as a scholar and as an archivist. "I felt this would be a good opportunity to invent a new course that is introducing our graduate students not only to work in the archives, but also to questions of what an archive means--historically and theoretically," she says.


Inspiring the next generation of archive scholars

Through Inside the Archive, a course taught by Liliane Weissberg of the School of Arts & Sciences, Penn students explore what an archive is, how history gets written, and what is ahead in a digital future.

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