Liliane Weissberg Curated an Exhibition in Frankfurt/M in 2013. Today, the Exhibit is in the Media again.

In 2013, Liliane Weissberg curated the exhibition “Juden. Geld. Eine Vorstellung” at the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt/M. The exhibit proved to be the most successful show in the Museum’s history, and was reviewed widely in newspapers, on radio, and television. In celebration of the Jewish Museum’s current 30-year anniversary, the Museum produced a brief account for a television documentary. It is now available on you tube: March 2019, the Jewish Museum in London followed up with a show entitled “Jews. Money. Myth.” On that occasion, Weissberg was interviewed by the Bayrischer Rundfunk 2 to discuss the relationship between Jews and money and anti-Semitic prejudices. The interview was aired last Saturday: