Penn Alumna Wins the Coalition of Women in German Dissertation Prize

WIG has just announced that Claire "CJ" Jones has won this prestigious award for her dissertation on Communal Song and the Theology of Voice in Medieval German Mysticism. CJ graduated from Penn in 2012 and is assistant professor in the German program at Notre Dame University. This is the second year in a row that a Penn PhD has won the WIG prize. Last year it went to Kerry Wallach for her dissertation on Observable Type: Jewish Women and the Jewish Press in Weimar. Kerry is assistant professor at Gettysburg College. 

 Since beginning her job at Notre Dame a year ago, CJ has published several articles:  "Rekindling the Light of Faith: Hymn Translation and Spiritual Renewal in the Fifteenth-Century Observant Reform" in the Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies in October 2012; "Christian Listening and the Ethical Community of Liturgical Text" in Literature and Theology in June 2013; and "Hostia jubilationis: Psalm Citation, Eucharistic Prayer, and Mystical Union in Gertrude of Helfta's Exercitia Spiritualia" forthcoming in Speculum. This fall she will give two invited lectures at the "Medieval Cantor/Chronicler Symposium" in London and the "Thomas of Erfurt and Meister Eckhart Workshop" in Erfurt.