Penn Presence at the GSA

Participants at the German Studies Association Meeting in early October in Denver couldn't help but notice a strong Penn presence. There were so many Penn people, we are planning to host a cash-bar for Penn alumni at the next GSA. Here's a list of Penn grad students, alumni and faculty who were there and the talks they gave or seminars they participated in:

Caroline Weist ("In the Flesh: Materializing Heimat and Prosthesis in Besuch der alten Dame")

Liliane Weissberg ("Reforming the German Studies PhD")

Leif Weatherby ("Electric Organs: Schelling's Systems of Nature")

Maya Vinokour, ("K, Kafka, and the Role of Bakhtinian 'Outsideness' in The Castle")

Frank Trommler ("Der erste Weltkrieg: Literatur, Fotografie, Archiv")

Nicholas Theis ("For a New Enlightenment")

Curtis Swope ("Leipzig's Center City: Trade, Democracy and Urban Planning")

Tom Safely ("The Primacy of Practice in Policy: Reflections on the Development of Bankruptcy Law in Early Modern Germany")

Simon Richter ("The German Environmental Unconscious")

Joseph Moser ("Humor in Austrian TV Krimis")

Brett Martz ("Why We Read German Fiction -- and How?")

Catriona MacLeod ("Narration")

Tres Lambert ("Rethinking Modernism after Cultural Studies")

David Kenosian ("Poetry and Poetics around 1800")

C. J. Jones ("Chronicles of Enclosure: Inscribing Nuns into Church History in Late Medieval Germany")

Matt Handelman ("Reality is a Construction: Kracauer reading Kafka's Worlds")

Philipp Gassert ("New Research on German Unification")

Daniel DiMassa ("Recycling Romanticism")

Yasemin Dayioglu-Yucel ("Transnationalisms: Sexualities, Fantasies and the World Beyond")

Adrian Daub ("The Dissolution of the Family: The Dynasty among the Hegelians")

Carol Anne Costabile-Henning ("Geschichte als Geschichte: Jana Döring's 'Stasiratte'")

Vance Byrd 

Melanie Adley ("Dying for Utopia, or the Dangers of Hope")