PhD Alumna Kerry Wallach Delivers Lecture at Leo Baeck Institute London

Photo of Kerry Wallach

On January 23, Dr. Kerry Wallach delivered the second lecture in the Leo Baeck Institue London for the Study of German-Jewish History and Culture's 2019-2020 series, Acting Jewish: Between Identity and Attire. Wallach's lecture, ‘Coming Out’ as Jewish in Weimar Germany, examines the visibility and invisibility of Jews amidst growing anti-Semitism in Germany in the 1920s and 30s. An online recording of the lecture can be heard here:

This lecture series, organized in cooperation with the German Historical Institute London, investigates "the complex nature of what it means to act or appear Jewish and for whom this appearance is important."

Wallach, an Associate Professor and Chair of German Studies and an Affiliate of the Judaic Studies Program at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, received her PhD from our department in 2011; her thesis was entitled Observable Type: Jewish Women and the Jewish Press in Weimar Germany.

(The above photo was taken from, where more information on her research and publications can be found.)