Rudi Weissenstein Exhibit Has Opened at the Villa Grisebach, Berlin; Liliane Weissberg Offered Opening Talk

Art historian Sarah Hadda has curated an exhibition of Rudi Weissenstein's photographs for the distinguished gallery and auction house Villa Grisebach in Berlin. The show focuses on the work of the Austrian photographer Weissenstein who emigrated to Palestine in 1934; he was the only accredited photographer at Israel's Declaration of Independence in 1948. Weissenstein documented the development of the new state in the coming decades. In addition to his photographs, the exhibit at the Villa Grisebach features work by German-American artist Ellen Auerbach who lived in Palestine in the thirties, and by French artist Christian Boltanski. Liliane Weissberg presented a talk at the opening of the exhibit which was also attended by Penn students Erika Kontulainen, Mimi Hacking, and Anat Dan.