Albert L. Lloyd

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of German Philology


Ph.D., George Washington University

Albert (Larry) Lloyd is Emeritus Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures.

Special interests: the old Germanic languages (Old High German, Gothic, Old Saxon, Old Icelandic), comparative Germanic grammar, history of the German language, etymology, verbal aspect, German phonetics and phonology, and medieval German literature.

In recent years Lloyd has been spending most of his time directing the long-term project of writing the first etymological dictionary of Old High German, which will consist of 8 or 9 volumes when completed by mid-century (he and his team are currently working on volume 4: G, H). Although this will certainly be regarded as the most significant work of his career, he has always had a special affection for a book he wrote in 1979, which presented verbal aspect in an entirely new light (and which had the longest title of anything he ever wrote): Anatomy of the Verb: The Gothic Verb as a Model for a Unified Theory of Aspect, Actional Types, and Verbal Velocity.

Research Interests

Germanic philology