Graduate Students


  • Contemporary literature, Ecocriticism, and Translation

  • German literature, culture, philosophy, and art around 1800; digital humanities

  • Black feminist theory, philosophies of sex and love, black diasporic literature, Marxist theory, 20th and 21st century literature, postcolonial theory, critical theory

  • Kafka; (urban) ecologies; feminist theory; race studies; disability studies; bodies under pressure; transcultural studies; the long 20th and 19th centuries; food studies; pharmacognosy and Drogenkunde of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; qualities of taste and smell; literature of the German Democratic Republic, Wilhemine Berlin, and the Dual Monarchy; recipe books, plot gardens, Arzneimittel, and Arzneimittelwirkung.

  • 18th century literature and philosophy, poetry, critical theory, psychoanalysis, Chinese-German relations

  • Weimar Republic,  Contemporary German Novel,  Foreign Language Pedagogy,  Turkish-German Studies/Migration Literature

  • German literary and intellectual history in the long nineteenth century; German Idealism and Romanticism; German Modernism; Philosophy; Psychoanalysis; Aesthetics; Gender and Sexuality; Comparative Studies in Chinese and Anglophone Literatures