In the German language program at the University of Pennsylvania you will explore your full potential in language competence and cultural literacy.

Whether you plan to travel to a German-speaking country or increase your competitive edge in the global market; whether you wish to fulfill the Penn language requirement with German or plan to declare your Minor or Major in German, you will continuously redefine one central question: What role does German play for me?

German may play a role in your personal life:  ancestry, travel, popular culture, individual interests.

It may complement your academic path: research and multilingual competence, Fulbright study and teaching grants, DAAD grants, graduate school.

German may accompany your professional development at Penn and beyond: multilingual competence, internships, employment opportunities in the US and abroad.

You will be able to explore these paths in the German language program through rigorous language preparation combined with individualized attention towards defining your interests and needs.

Undergraduate Studies in German

Over the centuries, German art, literature, music, philosophy, religion, and research in the sciences have profoundly influenced the cultural traditions of other countries. The political events of Germany's past frequently affected the entire world. The increasingly dominant role in international affairs and the global economic environment played by a unified Germany will be of critical importance to all of us. The study of German culture and literature enables students to understand the spirit of Germany, to trace its roots in the past, to comprehend the cross-currents in its thinking, and to experience the contributions of German poets, novelists, and authors.