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Swedish Courses

Courses are in rotation: Elementary & Intermediate Swedish I will be offered in the fall, and Elementary & Intermediate Swedish II will be offered in the spring every year. 

Elementary Swedish I (SWED 0100 (formerly SWED 101 - Fall Semester)
Elementary Swedish I Syllabus - Fall semester 2021 (pdf file)

Elementary Swedish II (SWED 0200 (formerly SWED 102 - Spring Semester)
Elementary Swedish II Syllabus - Spring semester 2020 (pdf file)

Intermediate Swedish I (SWED 0300 (formerly SWED 103 - Fall Semester - cancelled for Fall 2021)
Intermediate Swedish I Syllabus - Fall semester 2021 (pdf file)

Intermediate Swedish II (SWED 0400 (formerly SWED 104 - Spring Semester)
Prospectus and Syllabus: SWED104 - Spring 2021 (pdf file)

The courses are designed to give you good practical communication skills and cross-cultural insights. The courses can also prepare you for further studies or work in Scandinavia. 

Course flyers. Note that the Swedish courses were previously coded SCND. Starting Fall 2020, the prefix is SWED.

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For more information please contact:

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Swedish Program
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