The Business German Program

About the Program

The Business German Program at Penn, as a part of the oldest academic program in German Studies in North America, combines German language study with activities that prepare students to intern, work or conduct business in a German-speaking environment.

As a member of the European Union and banking center for the new European currency, the euro, Germany exerts great influence on the European business community of today and into the future.

  • German is a leading language in the European Market.
  • German corporations have over 2500 subsidiaries and affiliations in the US and many more in over 100 other countries.
  • German companies employ nearly 600,000 Americans in these subsidiaries.

Knowledge of German and of the German business environment is extremely marketable. The Penn Business German Program is designed to complement the literature and cultural courses offered by the German Department with courses that focus on practical business matters such as resume writing, preparing for the interview, and performing daily tasks at the workplace.