The Graduate Group in German Languages and Literatures

Core and affiliate members of the graduate group direct dissertation committees, and participate in the faculty-graduate student colloquium.

Standing Faculty

  • Presidential Associate Professor of German, with a secondary appointment in History of Art

    late-eighteenth- and nineteenth-century German literature, print culture, history of visual media, history of books and periodicals, the environmental humanities, commemoration, approaches to race, gender, and sexuality

  • Frances Shapiro-Weitzenhoffer Associate Professor of 19th Century European Art, with secondary appointment in Department of Francophone, Italian, and Germanic Studies

    Art and material culture of France, Germany and Britain in the mid to late nineteenth century, with an emphasis on cross-national developments in the histories of science, politics, psychology, and sexuality.

  • Associate Professor of Cinema & Media Studies, with a secondary appointment in Francophone, Italian, & Germanic Studies

    literary modernism in French and German, film studies, queer studies, the environmental humanities, porn studies

  • Executive Director of Language Instruction for the School of Arts & Sciences

    Second language acquisition, curriculum design, digital pedagogy

  • Professor of Germanic Languages

    Yiddish language, Yiddish literature in translation, gender and Jewish literature, Jewish American literature, Jewish film, literary translation

  • Class of 1965 Endowed Term Professor of German

    cultural history of water management and forestry, climate adaptation, energy transitions, 18th-century literature, gender studies, cultural studies, food studies, cinema studies, history of the body, environmental humanities, 20th-century history novel, Dutch literature and culture, using the arts for climate action and advocacy

  • Assistant Professor of German

    LGBTQ+ history, literature, film, television, and visual and print culture in Germany since 1890; queer childhood and youth.

  • Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor in the School of Arts & Sciences

    18th - early 20th century literature, comparative literature, aesthetic theory, German-Jewish writing

  • Professor of German

    Environmental Humanities | Public Engagement | Climate Literacy & Climate Storytelling | Atlantic World and Colonialism | European Pre-Modern Literature and Culture in a Global Context | Utopianism | Ecotopianism Multilingualism & Translation


  • Lecturer in German Language

  • Lecturer in Yiddish

    Yiddish language and music

  • Lecturer in German Language

  • Lecturer in Foreign Languages

    Business German

  • Lecturer

  • Language Program Director, Lecturer in Foreign Languages

    Curriculum Design, Critical Content-Based Instruction, Digital Humanities, Technology in Language Education, Intercultural and Sociocultural Theories of Learning.

  • Lecturer of Dutch Language and Literature

    Dutch Language and Literature

  • Lecturer in Foreign Languages

    German Language and Literature, Comparative Literature, Digital Humanities, Intercultural Learning

Affiliated Faculty

  • Director, Comparative Literature Program; Professor of English and Comparative Literature

    Twentieth-century American literature, postcolonial studies (especially African and South African literature), modernism, globalization and transnational cultural studies, and contemporary women writers

  • Sheldon and Lucy Hackney Professor of History

    Hegel, Marx, 19th and 20th century German and European intellectual and cultural history, and contemporary theory

  • Assistant Professor in Early Modern Art

    Early modern art, print media, Reformation history, German literature 15th-18th centuries, German law and political theory 15th-18th centuries

  • William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Music

    19th & 20th century music, Scandinavian studies

  • Alan Charles Kors Endowed Term Associate Professor of History

    Habermas, the public sphere in eighteenth-century France, Russian-Jewish historiography, the state of the field of Russian and East European studies in Germany and the United States, modern Jewish history

  • Elliot and Roslyn Jaffe Endowed Professor in Film Studies

    Cinema and modern Media

  • Judith Rodin Professor of English, Department of English

    Medieval and early modern European literature, including German and Dutch


  • Associate Professor Emeritus of German

  • In Memoriam

  • Distinguished Professor Emeritus of German Philology

    Germanic philology

  • Professor Emeritus of Germanic Languages and Literatures

    Baroque literature, Sprachgesellschaften, language pedagogy

  • Professor Emeritus of German

    19th- and 20th-century literature, modernism, cultural studies